About Us

About Itadaki Boston
Itadaki is a Japanese Izakaya (the Japanese version of a Gastropub) located on Boston’s famous Newbury Street. We specialize in Izakaya-style small plates for sharing (similar to Tapas) and we also have popular Japanese items such as Ramen and Sushi. In our beautiful full bar, along with an extensive drink list, we have a unique selection of Japanese Beers and Whiskeys, a large Sake list as well as New England’s largest Shochu selection. For weekend afternoons, American-style brunch items, such as Omelets and French Toast are served, along with Lattes and Mimosas.
The Name
Itadaki, the name of this Japanese restaurant, is the shortened form of “Itadakimasu”, which in Japanese, is the equivalent of bon appétit! Itadaki also means the “peak” as in the summit of a mountain, as well as “to win” as in to win this race. We consider this name to be very lucky!
The Team
American-Japanese owner Yujin Kawakami-Hess has teamed up with Executive Chef Kaoru Fujishiro to bring a small slice of Japanese food culture to Boston. The “Izakaya” concept is a cultural phenomenon that is based on socializing with good food and plenty of drinks, and is starting to take off all over America. This all-Japanese team has worked together to create a uniquely Japanese yet undeniably Bostonian experience.
The Japanese Executive Chef
Executive Chef Fujishiro Kaoru trained at the Shinjuku Culinary School of Tokyo in Japan and moved to America in the 80s. In the US, Chef Fuji worked at several famous Japanese Restaurants in NYC, Philadelphia and Boston and has honed his culinary skills in both Japanese and Western cuisine. At Itadaki he brings his Japanese expertise to the forefront and creates izakaya-style small plates as well as more traditional Japanese cuisine for everyone to enjoy together. Staying true to his Japanese heritage, Chef Fuji emphasizes seasonality of food, freshness and quality of ingredients as well as presentation of his work in a way that portrays each dish in the best element.
The Boston Restaurant’s Space
Itadaki’s trendy space includes a chic upstairs dining area, a stylish full bar downstairs, as well as a beautiful patio throughout the summer. The space is designed for socializing, sharing food and drinking. Large parties and private parties are welcome! CONTACT US