The Team

American-Japanese owners Lena Kikuchi and Yujin Kawakami-Hess have teamed up with Executive Chef Kaoru Fujishiro to bring a small slice of Japanese food culture to Boston.


"Check out our unique take on fish & chips - it's so good we're named one of the best in Boston! :)..."
3 days ago
"Check us out on Thrillist as part of Boston's Best Fish & Chips!..."
5 days ago
"Itadaki now has #Vegetarian #Ramen ! Check out our special green spinach ramen noodles! @ Itadaki Boston"
9 days ago

Reserve Your Seat

Itadaki is located at 269 Newbury Street (between Fairfield Street & Gloucestor Street) in Boston and welcomes reservations via telephone at 617.267.0840, via email at or online via SeatMe.